Pre VS. Post Fader Metering – How it affects your mix

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    In this video I break down the difference between pre and post fader metering and when to use each one. Pre fader metering means pre or before the fader. When in pre fader metering no matter what you do to the volume fader it will have no affect on the meters or peak displays. Post fader metering is post or after the volume fader. This makes it so what you do on the volume fader is reflected on the meter and peak.

    How To Setup A Home Studio From Scratch

    This is a complete tear down and rebuild of my home studio. I explain and provide links to each piece of gear as I put my studio back together. My last "How to setup a home studio" video has over a million views but that was over 4 years ago. I wanted to give you all a updated version of exactly what I use, what the gear is for, and how to get it all connected.

    Links for all gear in the video

    1. Basic Power Strip -

    2. Power Strip With Battery -

    3. External Hard Drive -

    4. Powered USB Hub -

    5. DAW's - Pro Tools First - Studio One -

    6. iLok -

    7. Midi Controller -

    8. Interface -

    9. Microphone -

    10. Mic Stand -

    11. Pop Filter -

    12. XLR Microphone Cable -

    13. Dynaudio Studio Monitors -

    14. KRK Studio Monitors -

    15. Auralex Pads -

    16. TRS to TRS Cables -

    17. TRS to XLR Cables -

    18. Big Knob -

    19. Headphones -

    20. Acoustic Foam - Use discount code: savemoney for 10% off