The Music Business – Interview With Sirr Love

In this music business interview with Sirr Love we go into Copyrights, What a Master is, Distribution, Royalties, PRO's, SoundExchange, Sync Licenses, YouTube Content ID, and much more...

This interview will help every Artist and Producer looking to understand the business side of their music.

Mixing Dirty 808’s, Kick and Snare

In this video, I show you how I mix Dirty 808's, kick and snare to get a huge sound. Sample choice is the first step to a great beat. Then mixing it can make it really pop!

Beat used is Riot by Tundra Beats

Music Royalties From Streaming and Digital Downloads

Music Royalties From Streaming and Digital Downloads - Are You Leaving Money On The Table? In this video, I cover the royalties generated when your music is streamed or sold via digital download. There are Mechanical Royalties, Distribution money, and Performance Royalties. There is also SoundExchange that collects a different royalty and YouTube content ID that collects all bundled into one. Make sure you are knowledgeable about the music business so you can stay on top of your money! DistroKid 7% off Link

Landr VS. Mastering Engineer – True peak and LUFS Metering

I take on Landr and compare my mastering to it. I also go over LUFS and True Peak comparisons between my master, Landr and other professionally mastered songs. I also talk about Spotify LUFS and True Peak levels.

Raw Technique Studios Mastering available at

Music used in the video
Artist name: Micko
Track name: 4 Year Freestyle


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    Kato On The Track Q&A – Music Business For Music Producers

    Kato On The Track Q&A - Music Business For Music Producers. We discuss copyrights, email marketing, value and much more. Follow Kato on IG @KatoProducer His website is

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      5 Steps To Growing Your Instagram – Build Your Brand

      I put together these 5 steps to growing your Instagram after I noticed they work! I finally started using Instagram as it should be used. Instead of sending people away I started providing value that fits the platform.

      The 5 steps are:

      1. Consistent valuable posts

      2. Engage and respond to everyone

      3. Reach out to larger accounts that do similar things

      4. Network and build relationships

      5. Hashtags

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      The Mindset That Will Make You Successful In Your Music Career

      Mindset is everything when it comes to happiness and success. The second I changed my focus from only looking at the far away goals and started enjoying the process my whole outlook changed. Every day is fun and exciting. I'm already seeing the engagement increase on YouTube and Instagram. Just remember Money Is The Reflection Of Value.

      Learn how to mix like Drake all from your home studio.