Beats and Gear

By RawTechniqueStudios on Nov 10, 2013 in Blog - Comments Off on Beats and Gear

So what do you need to write dope beats?

If you are writing beats most likely you have all or most of the gear you need already. If you have a computer then you’re off to a good start. Next up is getting a DAW (digital audio workstation). There are many choices so its up to you. They all have the same basic functions so read up on some different DAW’s and see what you like the best. Some commonly used DAW’s are Logic, Reason, Ableton, Cubase, Pro Tools, Fruity Loops, GarageBand (comes standard on Mac computers)…..

Now that you have a computer and a DAW you can start writing beats, editing your sounds,  mixing,  bouncing down……

Some extras you may want:

A controller: For example the Oxygen 49 midi controller. This controller plugs in to your computer via USB and triggers all your samples, plugins…. There are several other controllers so look around and find the best fit for you.

Plugins come stocked with your DAW but there are some other 3rd party plugins you may be interested in like NI Massive, or Sylenth.

Samples are something you will most likely want to pick up also. I personally like to find new drum samples all the time to get fresh sounds and new ideas going. There are loops out there as well but its up to you, personally I do not use loops.

Headphones/ Studio Monitors: You will need decent headphones to hear the bass in your beats because computer speakers do not replicate bass properly. Get some good headphones like Sony MDR-7506 or similar. Studio monitors are another great tool because you can really hear the stereo field.

One more thing you should think about picking up is an external hard drive. I use 3 external hard drives and one is specifically just for my beats. After awhile writing beat after beat it’s going to take up a lot of space, so instead of cluttering your computers hard drive save all your beats and sessions on an external hard drive.

Needed: Computer-DAW-Good Headphones

Extras: Midi Controller, 3rd party Plugins, Samples, External Hard drive, Studio Monitors….

Just remember some of the top producers just use a laptop to write their beats. Don’t let gear hold you back!